10 pretty porches that can perfect a home!

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Let's suppose that you have a gorgeous home with a fantastic interior… what can you do to finish it off with a huge amount pf panache? The answer is simple. You add a porch that can double up as a terrace! Ask any architect or interior designer and they'll tell you that drawing your design choices out into the outside arena is always a brilliant idea and can lead to serious levels of cohesion, style and functionality as well. Don't just take our word for it though; let us show you a host of pretty porches that have added serious flair to already covetable homes and then have a think about whether your property is in need of something similar!

1. The perfect connection.

Looking as though it is actually part of the house, this amazing porch area offers such a fun alternative to indoor dining! The fact that it's weatherproof is a real bonus as well!

2. Simple for sunbathing.

Front porch ZeroEnergy Design خانه ها White

Wooden decking and a stylish pergola have created a wonderfully chic porch/terrace area here that is just perfect for some sunshine relaxation. It connects to the house so well too!

3. New dimensions!

Is it really fair to call this a porch? it's more like a gargantuan outdoor garden room, but still, it's worth seeing! With gorgeous columns, striking furniture and wow-factor lighting, this is very much an interior room brought into the garden!

4. Intimate and illuminated.

This is SUCH a pretty little porch/terrace area! With a cacophony of green walls and romantic lighting in place, this is the perfect setting for either a date night or an intimate dinner party with friends. We might want this porch for our homes!

5. Garden and the house.

Offering a seamless transition between the garden and the house, this porch is sweet and simple and can speak for itself, without a host of over the top decor. The smooth flagstone floor must feel lovely underfoot and we bet there is something similar inside!

6. A touch of tradition.

Now here is a traditional porch! Found right by the entrance to the house, this lovely white wood terrace space offers such a nice vantage point for watching the neighborhood go by! The lighting is a really sweet touch as well and offers a little warmth.

7. DIY divine.

We think even a relative DIY newcomer could manage to pull something like this charming porch area together! A simple brick base and a wooden pergola make for a really natural and almost rustic installation that adds so much character to the house and garden.

8. Self-contained and super.

Prima Capri Gazebo Garden Affairs Ltd حیاط چوب Grey gazebo,contemporary,veranda,porch,flat roof,seating,entertain,drinks,eat
Garden Affairs Ltd

Prima Capri Gazebo

Garden Affairs Ltd

How about this for a great idea? If you have a summerhouse in your garden, why not add a porch area to it, to keep all of your outdoor entertainment in one spot? Under cover, this is a beautiful little seating area that would be a pleasure to use on a summer's evening! Just pass us the wine!

9. Variation on a theme.

Suffolk Garden Store and Shelter homify گاراژ/ سایه بان چوب Green veranda,porch,seating,quality,cedar roof,premium,luxury,classic,barn,woodstore,entertaining

Suffolk Garden Store and Shelter


If you liked the previous idea, you can simplify it a little more and simply have rudimentary seating in place that offers a covered, weatherproof vantage point for admiring your garden from. We might add a few fairy lights, just for fun!

10. Welcome home!

Nashville Avenue Residence, New Orleans studioWTA راهرو به سبک عجیب و غریب، راهرو و پله ها

Nashville Avenue Residence, New Orleans


Imagine coming home to this charming little porch every single day! We wonder if you'd really manage to get through the front door! The fun ironwork makes for such a pretty detail and with a comfy tub chair in place as well, who needs an interior living room?

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