How to Hang Art? Tips and Trick to Make it Easy

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French novelist Marcel Proust once said, “Only through art can we emerge from ourselves and know what another person sees.” Art can evoke powerful emotions. So you should be careful about choosing the art that you wish to display in your house. Our today’s article will also show you how to hang art properly for the best effect. 

Choose art that evokes the intended emotion in you and in the minds of those who frequent your house. It makes sense to choose a serene painting or photograph for your bedroom as you want to have a peaceful ambience in this space. However, don’t shy away from experimentations. You could just stumble upon a novel of displaying art in your home. 

Many people think buying art to be an expensive affair. It is so only if you wish to possess the artworks of the most famous artists of all time. A Modigliani painting will cost you millions. You may buy it if you wish to invest in art and also to decorate your home with Modigliani paintings. But you can buy beautiful works of art without upsetting your budget. In this article you will not only learn about hanging paintings but also how to buy affordable works of art.

How high to hang art?

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What is the correct height to hang art? This is a question that bothers many. If you are wondering about hanging art on wall then let me give you a simple tip. Consider what the average height of eye level is and put up your paintings at the eye level. The average height of eye level for adults is around 5 feet when standing. The center of your painting should ideally never be higher than 5 feet.

Keeping in mind this picture hanging height formula will make everything very simple for you. This will ensure everyone will be able to appreciate the artworks displayed on the walls without stressing one’s neck.

But, there is a correct height to hang art ? Most galleries hang their artworks round 58 inches height. Once again, the center of the artwork stays at this height not the top or the bottom of the artwork. In spaces like the sidewalls of the staircase, try to hang art at a proper height. Doing so will ensure a safe passage through the stairways for your guests as, in all probability, their eyes will be glued on the paintings displayed on the walls.

Hanging paintings

Think of the space you are about to decorate. Is it a small room or a spacious one? What is the theme of décor in this space? What color scheme have you followed in the interiors? All these questions will directly influence your choice of selecting and hanging paintings in this room. Paintings are not meant to be kept hidden. So while hanging art on wall, give it a prominent position. Anyone who steps in the room should immediately be able to see and appreciate the work.

Different ways to hang pictures

There are plenty of ways to hang pictures. Try to be a bit more adventurous and see what works best for your home. You may use cutouts of old newspapers and carpenter’s tape to envisage the way the paintings would look after they have been displayed in a certain way. Remember, light should not fall directly on the painting if it is framed behind glass or kept in a glass cabinet. It will make proper viewing of the work impossible. Install wall sconces on the side of the painting for better visibility and effect. Some of the most interesting ways of hanging pictures are stated below. You may also consult with your interior designer about the best possible methods of displaying art.

Salon style hanging

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Salon style hanging is best for living rooms and home offices. You can decorate the feature wall of the dining room in similar fashion. Identify square shaped zone and neatly hang the pictures within that zone. You may put a big one in the center and complement it with smaller works of art. Creating a collage with paintings of different sizes is another option.

Gallery style

In case of gallery style hanging, you present a group of pictures in a row or dedicated an entire wall for a group of paintings or photographs. Make sure that the works of art are thematically same and have similar motif and color scheme. It will be very difficult to appreciate a landscape within a group of genre paintings. Try not to mix between the photographs and fine art paintings. 

If you have a spacious dining parlor then you can display your collection of artworks this way. A hallway is the one of the best places to decorate this way. Try not to clutter this space with too many articles of furniture and décor. The works of art should have the center stage.

Placement tips

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These placement tips will help you show your collection in a better light. Choose a corner of your house that is clean and clutter free. Places like kitchens and bathrooms are not ideal for hanging art. These places have greater moisture content in the interior atmosphere which could damage the paintings. You may, however, use small sculpture or wall hangings made of wood or metal to decorate these places. Decorating these areas with stylish mirrors is another option for you to explore. 

Use proper frames for your paintings. Simple metallic and acrylic frames look better with contemporary paintings. Ornate wooden frames are best for classical paintings. You may mount your collection of vintage posters and photographs without frames. Use right kind of accessories to hang the paintings. Don’t damage your walls by hammering a lot of nails which would later leave ugly marks as well.

Picture shelf

Investing in a picture rail is best for hanging paintings. Picture rails made of pine or oak would look chic in a Scandinavian décor inspired modern home, classically decorated home or country home. You may use carved moldings along with wooden rails. Picture shelf could also help you to display the images in your living room, bedroom, dining area or hallway.

How to hang art on staircase?

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Following a gallery system would help you to display your artworks properly on staircase. You may even select one or two prominent works of art to display on the sidewalls. Many homeowners prefer to follow a salon style picture hanging mechanism on staircase. However, try not to decorate this space with too many works of art. It is difficult see and appreciate each piece standing on the stairway.

Hang art above sofa

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Leave at least 20 inches gap between the top of the sofa and the bottom of the painting. This will give everyone proper viewing opportunity even when seated. Besides, nobody will put their heads against the painting even accidentally. Make a statement with a prominent image on the feature wall. Complement this painting by hanging other smaller images with similar nature on the rest of the walls.

Hang art above bed

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It is common to hang art above bed. Choose an artwork that helps you relax. This space is also ideal for hanging personal and family photos. Try to include images that evoke happy memories. It is better to avoid paintings with overly dark, sensational or gruesome images. Images of angry and attacking animals are also not the best ones for this space.

Picture hanging ideas

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You will get plenty of picture hanging ideas from our massive collection of photographs of living rooms, bedrooms and other parts of the house. Another great source of learning the easy way to hang art is by frequenting the local galleries. You will also be able to procure some very affordable works from the local galleries and art exhibitions. This way you will also encourage the local artists to produce better quality art. 

You may also collect precious works of art from your journeys across the world. Artisanal works from around the globe are very affordable. Besides, they are one exquisite way of decorating your home. Ordering online is obviously one of the easiest ways of buying art.

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