Fantastic foyer ideas to make the perfect first impression

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Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that the way you decorate your entrance foyer is absolutely critical as it acts as the first impression that your home makes on both new and returning guests. There's absolutely no sense in crafting a beautiful and well put together property, filled with fantastic furniture and inspired wall coverings, if your foyer is going to be left to basically fend for itself and today, we're going to show you some amazing ways to get a lot more value from your hallway. It's not just aesthetics that need to be taken into account, but practicality too and all of the projects featured in this article have mastered the art of balancing both elements.

1. Hang eye-catching wallpaper.

Foyer Clean Design راهرو مدرن، راهرو و راه پله

A lot of people try to play things safe in the hallway, which leads to a rather flat and unexciting visage but by selecting designer wallpaper, a brilliant and lasting impression can be made. With so many incredible styles and colors to choose from, it's almost impossible to hone in on just one design, which is why a lot of homeowners are taking things one step further by commissioning a totally unique pattern. Now that would be hard to ignore!

2. Make the floor unforgettable.

Why is it that floors are so easy to overlook? Maybe because so few of us walk around with our heads hung, but whatever the reason, it's time to take a stand and make a change, especially in terms of foyer flooring! It's important to combine practical applications with creative aesthetics, as a foyer will be subject to heavy traffic, so how about dramatic tiles finished in incredible colors or patterns? This checkerboard design is timeless, in your face and wonderfully chic, all at the same time.

3. Use mirrors to add depth.

Foyer Clean Design راهرو مدرن، راهرو و راه پله

Not all foyers have the bonus of being great expanses of space that can be used to house endless amounts of antique furniture and priceless art, which is why creating a false sense of airiness and room can be such a wonderfully innovative idea. A simple way to gain access to more perceived space is to hang a large mirror, particularly if you can do so on the wall that faces the front door. For an extra touch of glamor, an ornate framed can really liven things up and demonstrate some serious style credentials as well.

4. Include some handy seating.

Even the most decadent foyer will be used for some mundane tasks, such as putting shoes on before stepping out of the front door, which is why some fantastic seating is a must! From simple benches through to heavily decorated antique arm chairs, a well positioned piece of furniture will look great and add endless practicality as well. If that doesn't make a foyer something really special, we don't know what will.

5. Be bold with furniture choices.

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Speaking of furniture, how about this as a final tip for adding more style and gorgeousness into a foyer… consider a large sideboard! Not only a handy surface for keeping keys and outside accessories on, an eye-catching sideboard can finish a space so wonderfully and with a hefty dose of personality too. After all, not everybody wants contemporary furniture in place and a foyer sideboard is a super opportunity to inject some seriously retro motifs into a home, if there will be more, further into the property. We can't ever resist an injection of Danish style, in particular, how about you?

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