A courtyard house, eSpaces Architects eSpaces Architects در و پنجره
A courtyard house, eSpaces Architects eSpaces Architects در و پنجره


The house is situated at upper class residential district in New Delhi itself. Though it is plush location but it is packed, quite congested from all three sides except the front obviously. We can even say it is a high density residential zone area in Delhi.

Therefore the architectural planning becomes very important which actually remains very close to the nature because of its direction/location i.e. 65 degree East. Basically the core concept was to avoid the house of swarming mood due to location in that area. As an architect I totally agree that outdoor living spaces if tackle correctly play vital role in both aesthetics & functionality in any residential buildings. Thus allowed me to think basic plan of the house around one central court which is actually integration of nature, aesthetics and concrete in form of courtyards vitalizes interiors, stifling these three sides enclosed building.

The courtyard itself becomes a great amenity serving as a beauteous passageway, an urban garden, a shared lawn, a secluded space of tranquillity and beauty amalgamating water, lights, walls, plantation/ tree. The attention has been given to architectural detailing in terms of openness, choices of overall materials used to create calm and sophistication in living spaces characterised by luminosity and elegance. A special thanks to the client as well who had actually sacrificed the space if we really think in a commercial way but now no regrets.

This particular house is also an amalgamation of latest innovation & technological oriented products which actually makes house more energy efficient in modern lines & safe since beginning of construction at site like:

Almost every material has been used in the construction for the best results in terms of cracking of plastering, RCC composition, Services conduits & pipes laying duration etc. Materials used are like: LW, Plasticizers, Wide use of chicken mesh, Adhesives, Different Epoxy Grouts, Porosity Blocking agents, Sealers & silicones etc.

VRV/VRF technology in air conditioning system has been used throughout the house to minimise the electric load overall in comparison to basic load required for the use of A.C’s.

Complete artificial lighting is also being operated through software which actually allows switching on lights to the minimum requirement and can be timed as per individual needs for the day.

Since courtyard is placed centrally and the roof provided is in glass which allows inlet to sunlight for the entire house completely. In result your artificial lighting is minimised to 5% and save electricity to the huge and overall aesthetics are enhanced with green and earthy use of colours.

Glasses used in windows & doors are heat strengthened as double glass units (DGU) which reduces the heat loss to a great extent.

Basic lighting throughout the house is only LED’s (PHILIPS) which again is energy efficient, more life and soothing illumination.

Centralised geyser as Heat Pump technology has been used for hot water requirement which consumes very less electricity and saves energy.

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Curtains /Blinds are again energy saving blinds by Hunter Douglas which creates cavity in between 2 layers and absorb direct heat and avoid heat loss.

Courtyard forms a reviving nook that gives an outside environment in the house as nature, taking care of the privacy.

Both architect & owner shared an enthusiasm for the design venture and the alliance rationalised client’s wish list into a concise and deliverable brief for the outcome.

Deck flooring is being used at deck area to enhance that courtyard space and connecting two spaces together for sitting.

Overall composition of materials used in courtyard are earthy in texture which in other words are really close to the nature like: Main wall of courtyard is having almost 800sqft of area and has been given a natural look by using of Gwalior stone mosaic with niches having different shades of colours and lighting from bottom . A huge tree has been planted to give you a feel of garden with surrounded by colourful flowers, plants and stone bench as sitting space near railing. A water body has been placed at the corner of courtyard to create little more interest to overall planning of courtyard. Main light source is natural through sky but enclosed by glasses as roof. Though in the night illumination is through artificial lighting only but throughout the day you do not require any artificial lighting for the house. Ventilators have been placed above as open- able louvered window results in stack effect.

If we talk about overall floor wise planning of the house it is quite simple and segregated in such a way that private places are not disturbed by guests in any manner. Like:

Stilt being the lowest/ starting floor of the house through lift and main staircase area lobby, having automated electronic gates right from the main entry point which are also controlled centrally through any medium like mobile phone etc with lighting effects through floor burials and a water body to break the monotony or dullness in the driveway.

Next floor as ground floor is basically a party or main drawing, dining, Lounge area with exclusive bar and pantry with powder as well. Since courtyard floor also starts from this floor only it creates a huge interest.

First floor is basically assembling of all family members together at a small casual lobby or at dining area. Family powder, 2nos. Parent’s room and main kitchen are also main areas of the floor.

Second & Third floor each are having 3 bedrooms in common. Puja room, study room & Gym area has been divided in these two floors.

Terrace is divided automatically into two parts because of central staircase and lift area. Therefore front terrace is treated as small get together area as party place and rear terrace as service terrace in a much defined way.

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In general if we talk about luxury bedrooms & bathrooms are simply quite obsessive.

Nevertheless this house is also planned inside out completely as per vaastu shastra in totality.

CNC Work throughout the house has embarked the spaces so well that actually where ever used has created lot of interest and simply pleasing with richness overall.

Though glasses use is extensive in this house but it has been used really carefully because it also connects places very well and gives you the feel of openness.

Transitional spaces are created in such a way that it connects other areas so well that actually in one go you are able to see many activities while moving one place to other in the entire house. Probably you as resident of the house will never get bored with spaces created, materials used and the connectivity of spaces. Also double heighted transitional spaces create volumes visually, in other spaces sizes if you visualize are relatively bigger what it actually appears.

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