KUBE architecture بالکن،ایوان وتراس
KUBE architecture بالکن،ایوان وتراس

about the design

This rear addition to a home in Silver Spring MD was designed to house a new kitchen and studio for award winning photographer Muriel Hasbun and her family. The simple “box” slips across the rear of the exisitng house; openings strategically penetrate the box both in the walls as well as ceiling. The kitchen island, which doubles as layout table for the studio, is connected to both spaces by a steel plate in the floor. Interior walls act as gallery for photography works.

about the owner

Muriel Hasbun’s expertise as an artist and as an educator focuses on issues of cultural identity and memory. Muriel has received Individual Artist Awards in Photography and Media from numerous institutions and her photographic works are exhibited throughout the US and internationally.

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