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Commercial gym Builders Commercial Spaces
Commercial gym Builders Commercial Spaces
Commercial gym Builders Commercial Spaces

Millions of people are clients of a workout studio or a gym these days and the rate is on the rise. Every third member is unhappy with his gym, according to one report! A good opportunity for you to set up your own workout room at your club or company.

We're showing you how it works and what you should look out for:

Essential judgment on building a gym

Would you want to set up a tiny exercise room in your office or a full group workout center? Your orientation and the target audience are critical for setting up the room, and in particular for the unit. In general, you can create four focus areas as follows:

1. Gym and recreational sports:

In the foreground is the overall health of the consumers. All the equipment that exercises the major muscle groups as well as exercise offers such as aerobics, step aerobics, abdominal muscles, buttocks, etc. are required here.

2. Sport of safety and prevention of injury:

Besides the normal wellness packages, new services such as gymnastics, back exercises and yoga can be available as well.

3. Rehabilitation / Treatment:

Here you'll extend the deal with advanced strength exercises on fitness equipment for accident and disease recovery. As long as you deal on medical problems, there are specific implementation protocols and the machines have to follow acceptable requirements or health standards.

4. Competing sport:

Different sports facilities can be needed if professional athletes often practice in your gym.

Fitness-room facilities

Athletes have specific conditions to be able to effectively perform sports. Some adds priority to the best equipment for successful strength recovery, the other to the availability of aerobic exercise and the third to special facilities for a pleasant rehab program. You will set up the exercise room as compact as possible, to do service to all consumers. Therefore we suggest organizing the following places in your exercise room:

  • Strength equipment zone     
  • Cardio equipment zone
  • Separate barbell zone for powerlifting
  • Bodyweight workout zone
  • Space for group lessons
  • Yoga class space

We have now suggested some sports equipment that will help you plan your home workout space/office workout space. Start with the gym flooring until buying any of these equipment.

We're advising that you continue phase by phase.

Say purchase one piece of fitness equipment a month, and through it gradually.


  • Your fitness center also need a professional coach so right from the outset consumers will know how to perform the drills properly to avoid injuries.

What and how much facilities you require for the gym relies mostly on the athletes practicing. It is essential, in any case, that all muscle groups are treated in both force and cardio machines. There are also other resistance systems used as hybrid systems, e.g. Leg curl / leg extension or abductor/adductor, or as a variation of a pole. You will take advantage of the cheaper price when utilizing hybrid tools.

We'd be delighted to educate you on a customer-specific product range in a thorough conversation. Speak to us and we'll be delighted to do business with you.



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