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After paying £1500 for a bed and headboard, the order never showed up on the day of delivery. After a four hour delay the day we were meant to go on holiday I eventually managed to get an answer from customer service to tell me the delivery wasn’t going to happen that day. This was only through four proactive calls on my end that I was able to establish this. We then rearranged delivery and the headboard was covered in black scuff marks. The delivery men put it straight back in the van knowing it wasn’t acceptable. I’m now being told the bed has been discontinued have had no update after 2 working days on when we will have a new headboard delivered. Due to it being discontinued I’m now being told to select another headboard - none of which I like!! It’s disgusting to think I have paid £1500 for a bed that will come with a headboard that isn’t my choice all because of Loaf’s ineptitude. Absolutely appalling service. I try and support British businesses wherever I can but this service has been absolutely terrible and I will never order from Loaf again. With times being tough you think they would treat their customers - who continue to spend significant sums on their products - with respect and fairness, sadly this has nothing been the case.
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Great experience at this and another Loaf in Shoreditch. Everyone really found the balance between being available and leaving us to it, from start to finish we never felt rushed or pressured (even when it came to warranties), and whenever we did ask about something people were very knowledgeable. Izzy in particular made the checkout experience painless and we had a lovely chat while sorting out the details. I wish we'd been able to try something in leather, but we made do with a square metre for laying across a piece. Looking forward to delivery day!
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Took a visit to Loaf to decide on a matching rug for the sofa I had already chosen / had delivered, in addition to considering a contrasting love seat. Anna was so helpful in suggesting complementary colours and tones and helped me compare everything together to decide what would and wouldn’t work. She was so lovely and had an excellent eye. So pleased I went into the store instead of just trying to choose from online. Thank you, Anna!
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