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This architecture firm it's just impressive! Best design and beautiful people at the practice in NYC! Highly recommend.
تقریبا 3 سال پیش
Joe Eisner is a fabulous architect and artist that changed our living space for ever! He has an uncanny sense of how to combine Art + Design to create amazing living spaces that inspire and invigorate the senses! I highly recommend Joe Eisner and his firm to everyone whom is looking for a revolutionary life change!
بیش از 3 سال پیش
I simply love this firm! We ordered Joe some costume furniture and the outcome was simply amazing. Best results with a reasonable pricing. Best combination! I highly recommend it to anyone!
بیش از 3 سال پیش
We hired Joe Eisner and his team to help us design and renovate our Manhattan apartment and It was the smartest move we made. Founding him was a real fortune! Joe provided immediate and quick fix in a very simple way. Every little detail discussed about any of the different possibilities and solutions were done brilliantly and most important, he was available and committed. We were actually very pleased through the whole process of transforming our space with him. Based on our experience, we would definitely recommend Eisner Design to everyone!
بیش از 4 سال پیش
I was looking for a new, creative perspective to transform my space, Joe Eisner - Eisner Design - provided all the great solutions I needed! I'm so happy with the final result and with the services he provided. My space has now created new vibrations in my home. He used some very peculiar materials and finishes that were well-integrated and the design is outstanding! I will definitely recommend Joe Eisner to anyone and probably will recall him for my next project!
حدود 4 سال پیش
We were looking for a fresh and creative perspective on our renovation project, this is why we contacted Eisner Design and Joe provided all the great solutions we wanted. We were very happy with the design services provided. All the different beautiful and practical spaces created new vibrations in our new home especially thanks to the materials and finishes that were well-integrated. We found the design to be very well-thought out and we all were strongly impressed by it. We think we will certainly use Eisner Design for our next renovation for our beach house and we strongly recommend to anyone looking for excellent, innovative, modern design.
تقریبا 5 سال پیش
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