Mecate Studio

پروژه ها

پروژه جدید

Mecate Studio is an architectural an design firm

based in Mexico City founded in 2013.

The studio is focuses on the development of projects covering all scales, from individual in which user needs are met, to urban, in which problems of a more urban-architectural character are solved.

Our solutions resulting from the deep analysis from urban and natural context, always taking a sensitive approach to its location, only by understanding the environment is that can be define the methodology of implementation and design process, as well as materials used to achieve a better expression of the essence of the elements in a project and therefore obtain a better use of natural, human and social resources.

It is also necessary to harmonize sustainable proposals using the technological advances in the areas of production and construction techniques learned from the vernacular tradition.

The designs are based on the premise of creating atmospheres that encourage interaction between users and simultaneously connect with the environment and world.

Our aim is not only to create buildings or objects but provide better habitats.

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