The Cotswold Company

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Norfolk Tower, 48-52 Surrey Street
NR1 3PA Norwich

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Awful experience. Be very careful of this company. I was lied to about the price that they were going to charge for an item of furniture and the service that they would provide and if anything goes wrong they will then ignore you. If you want an easy life, stay well clear of this company. In brief, the manager of their outlet store agreed a price with me for an item of furniture and then refused to honour it a week later, when he told me to come back and pay for the item. He wanted to charge £200 more. They will lure you in with lies and then go back on any agreement when they feel like it. I ended up buying the item as I felt I had little choice, but when the item of furniture turned up it was damaged and there was a part missing. I called their customer services but they refused to deal with me as I bought from their outlet store and said I'd have to call the outlet store directly. After 10 unanswered phone calls to the outlet store I feel totally abandoned by this company, who seem not to care about their customers or their products. Awful company, awful experience and awful customer service.
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Very poor products and very poor service. We had 6 chairs delivered and one was damaged we had to wait another 3 weeks for it to come in. we had 3 dining room tables delivered and all were damaged. We were left with out a dining room table for nearly a month with a 1 year old baby. No care has been given to the fact we had to take 3 days of work to wait around for the deliveries to turn up. Terrible products.
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Shocking service. Please do not use this company if you expect them to deliver large items to a room of your choice. I ordered a larder unit and it was dumped not even upright in my living room. This is despite saying I would cancel the order if they could not place the item where I needed it
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