Hayden Lane Residence, Bucks County, PA

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پروژه ها و فضا ها
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4.5 sq ft (مساحت)


This 5,000 square foot home is located on a hilly five-acre site in Bucks County, PA. The architectural forms and exterior materials are evocative of the simple farm buildings in the area. In fact, the house is a collection of linked small buildings one of which is the original pre-Revolutionary stone farmhouse. A wildflower meadow surrounds the house and further ties it to the landscape.

The layout is in many ways a reaction to the owner’s previous home in a compact prewar apartment on Manhattan's Upper Westside. The master bedroom and adjacent study are private and occupy the top floor of the old farmhouse. The three kids' bedrooms are below. A 35-foot connector links the bedrooms in the stone farmhouse to a two-story ’great room” in the new building. The connector is lined on one side with books. On the other side is a wall of windows and doors opening to a courtyard built around a 300 year old maple tree, one of the original wedding trees on the site.

With its massive stone fireplace the great room is the heart of the house. At one end there is an open, state-of-the-art stainless steel kitchen and adjacent dining area. At the other end is a living room. Overlooking this space from a mezzanine is a glass-enclosed family room.

Built with summer living in mind, a 1,500 square foot screen porch hangs over the meadow. Large enough for family dinners, the porch also houses a high tech gas grill and rangehood allowing year round use.

The guesthouse is a separate structure with an exterior stair to the second floor. A deck above the garden shed overlooks the vegetable patch where the owner hangs out on summer weekends.

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